Ambassador David Kam is currently representing the bor­derless land of IMAGINE NATION, a borderless nation to bring peace on Earth. He is also the co-founder of International Children's Month, the Mother Earth Trust, and the Earth Prince/Earth Princess program. Previously in the 1990s, he was an energy drink pioneer with the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group. In the late 1990s he became an Internet pioneer, creating the world’s first Internet ordering system by linking his online website to a customized accounting software that was built by a couple of friends. He became an art pioneer on September 12, 2001, the day after 9/11; David became an artist by founding the Thinkism Art Movement, thus creating the first fine art movement of the 21st century (“known as the socially conscious art movement”). He became a green visionary in 2001, producing the world’s first painting about climate change, almost 7 years before Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth film, called Polar Bear Extinction, shown above in his Extinction Style (“the main subject is left blank on canvas”).
The Imagine Nation Guitars
The Imagine Nation Guitars brings together some of the world’s top visual artists, with some of the world’s leading musicians, and celebrities, with the goal of uniting humanity to bring back the spirit of the world. The guitars are the brain child of social activist and Artist David Kam in honor of John Lennon’s song Imagine, which is also Artist David Kam’s inspiration for the creation of The Borderless Land of Imagine Nation.See more
Thinkism Art Movement
The Thinkism art movement (known as the socially conscious art movement) was founded by David Kam on September 12, 2001, one day after September 11, 2001. Thinkism is the first fine art movement of the 21st century. The Thinkism Art Movement was founded by David Kam to change perception of art as mere wall decorations. Art can be a beacon of light to brighten up your mind, to guide your soul, and much more. Art can also be a vehicle for positive social change.See more
Mother Nature’s Ambassadors
Since Mother Nature cannot speak for herself, she has appointed 4 guardian spirits, known as the Tamas (The 4 Noble Princes) to protect the world. Mother Nature’s Ambassadors are her champions that go around the world: Promoting Peace (Peace Tama), Spreading Love (Love Tama), Using Music to Unite the World (Music Tama) and Saving Our Earth (Earth Tama) See more